1. Garlic Edamame $7


·       Green Soy Bean pods Boiled and Sautéed with Garlic Butter


2. Edamame $6


·       Green Soy Bean Pods Boiled and Salted


3. French Fries $6


·       Salted Deep Fried Potatoes


4. Salty’s Fries $6


·       Salted Deep Fried Potatoes Flavored with Aonori




6. Smoke Pork $12


·       Thinly Sliced Smoked Pork served w/Spicy Miso and Onions


7. Salty’s Mussels $10

 with Bread


·       Minced Mussels mixed with Kimchi Mayo Sauce Broiled and served with Crostini’s


8. Fried Chicken $9


·       Deep Fried Chicken Wings Marinated and floured


   Different Flavors


                  Regular-Served with Finadenni




                  Sweet and Sour

                 Honey Mustard


9. Spam KATSU $6


Breaded Spam Deep Fried Served with Tonkatsu Sauce.



Local/Island Chasers




10. Kelaguen


A Chamorro Cuisine similar to ceviche that is marinated in a pickling mixture of lemon juice, onions, ginger and spicy hot peppers and you choice of protein.




   Different Flavors

                 Chicken Kela w/ Titiyas $12

                 Beef $16

                Shrimp $16




11. Salty’s Poke $12


Hawaii’s famous Poke with a Salty’s twist. Raw fish salad with scallion, ginger, and onions on lettuce.




  Different Flavors


                 Salty’s Poke  




                Spicy Mayo   





12. Titiyas $6

Island Style Flat Bread/Tortillas Made with Coconut Milk  







13. Coco $6


·       Japanese and Chamorro Infused Pickled Cucumber and Onions


14.  Chamorro Sausage $6


·       Chamorro Sausage Simmered and Sliced Served With Mustard










17. Side Salad $3


·       Green salasd


18. Seafood Salad $15


·       Mixed Salad drizzled in Sesame Dressing, Topped with Shrimp and Tuna


Meal Sets

All Served with Red Rice, Coco and Salad


19. Beef $16

          Marinated Short Ribs BBQ

20.Salty's style Locomoco $13

          Pork Ribs with Salty’s House Made BBQ Sauce

21. Coconut Shrimp$16

           Shrimp Sautéed in Coconut milk

22. Garlic Shrimp $16

           Shrimp Sautéed in Garlic Butter



Hawaii’s favorite Locomoco with a Marianas twist. All Beef Patties




23. Salty’s Locomoco $13


·       Local Red Rice with our Salty’s original coconut gravy and fried Titiyas






Japanese Style Bowl Meals




25. Poke Don $13


·       Your Choice of Poke Flavors Served in a Bowl of White Rice, Nori and Lettuce.


26. Spam Bowl $11


·       Spamkatsu Served on Top of White Rice and Lettuce




27. Clam Butter $13

·       Clams Seasoned and Sautéed in Garlic and Butter



28. Apigigi $5

          Local Dessert Made with Coconut, Wrapped in

   Banana Leaf